XID Retransfer ID Card Printer Series from Matica Technologies

Why Upgrade to a Retransfer Printer?

In Direct to Card (DTC) printing, the dye on the film is sublimated directly on to the surface of the ID card. If printing directly on to a technology card, the printhead comes into contact with the slightly raised chip inside the card and causes blemishes. Any dust on the card can also cause printhead damage if printers are not properly maintained e.g. if cleaning cycles are not followed.

Retransfer printing technology, also known as Reverse Transfer printing, consists of a two-step process that prints the card image to a thin film (called retransfer film) before applying it to the surface of a PVC, polycarbonate or composite card with heat. The printhead never touches the surface of the card and this two-step retransfer process creates a superior print quality.


The Benefits of Retransfer Printing vs Direct-to-Card Printing

Over the Edge Printing

The two-step retransfer process creates a true over the edge image, leaving no white spaces. The image printed on the film is bigger than the card surface which allows the image to cover the whole surface of the card.

Real 600 DPI Resolution & Visual Security Elements

Printing on to the retransfer film allows a 600 dpi resolution. Sophistical elements such as microtext can be included increasing card security.

Printing on More Card Materials

Printing directly on to the film means you can print laminated PVC cards, ABS, PET and polycarbonate ID cards.

More Durable Cards

The retransfer film makes the card more durable and better protects the printed card meaning fewer replacements.

Lifetime Warranty Coverage on the Printhead

Since the printhead never touches the card surface, a lifetime warranty coverage is offered on the printhead, reducing risk and your maintenance costs.

Printing on Technology Cards

Retransfer technology can print on cards with uneven surfaces such as proximity cards, smart cards or pre-punched cards – leaving no blemishes as a DTC printer would. Printing is always to a high level and consistent.

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