The Benefits of Retransfer Printing

At Essentra Security, we want to ensure your ID solution is personal to you. This starts with an understanding of your chosen application so that we can tailor a system that meets your ID requirements. If it is a high-quality finish you are looking for, then our retransfer ID card printers are a good place to start.

What is retransfer printing?

Retransfer printing technology, also known as Reverse Transfer printing, is quickly becoming the preferred method for printing ID cards. This technology consists of a two-step process that prints the card image to a film (called retransfer film) before applying it to the card. The two-step retransfer process creates a superior print quality.

So, what are the benefits of retransfer printing versus direct-to-card printing?

The retransfer process creates a true over the edge imagery (leaving no white space), with 600 dpi resolution and the capacity to print visual security elements (VSE). The results are crisp, clear images with vibrant colours, which rivals pre-printing quality. Retransfer technology can print on cards with uneven surfaces such as proximity cards, smart cards, or pre-punched cards, always with a high level of quality consistency and protecting your printhead from erosion against potential dangerous abrasive zones as the contact chip. In addition, you can print on other types of card material like ABS, PET and polycarbonate.

Take a look at our Datacard printer range for standard size and large format card printing using retransfer technology.

CR805 Retransfer Printer