Student ID – Top of the Class!

As hundreds of thousands of students get ready to enrol for classes in a new academic year at university, college or school, more and more educational establishments are realising the benefits of identity card solutions.

In fact, it’s shaping up to be a record year for this type of application, with universities alone admitting almost 400,000 UK and EU students, plus many more from further afield. That’s on top of the millions of pupils attending schools and colleges.

The benefits of ID cards for access control are already clear and can enhance student and staff safety, as well as protecting facilities. But the growth in smartcard use and the associated technology is probably bigger than it’s ever been.

A single personalised ID card can be used by a student for so much more than access control. The card can also contain smartcard technology, making it suitable for cashless vending, for example in on-site shops or catering areas, as a library card, or for daily registration.

Establishments which use integrated smartcards demonstrate their commitment to high levels of student satisfaction.

IDPro offers an unbeatable one-stop shop for educational establishments which are looking to take advantage of the sophisticated technologies on offer. We can deliver a complete card solution incorporating the latest technology alongside striking design possibilities and all the necessary accessories.