Printer Ribbons Guide


Choosing the correct printer ribbon for your ID card printer can be the difference between optimum colour quality and consistency or poor quality printing all-round.

We have composed a few important tips to help you choose your printer ribbons:

Why is it best to always use genuine ribbons?

• The best colour quality and consistency for your printing.

Using a manufacturer’s printer ribbon with its corresponding printer ensures the highest quality of printing. We highly recommend the Evolis and Magicard printer ribbons which perform fantastically with their state-of-the-art ID card printer range.

• You won’t risk breaching the terms of your printer warranty.

If something goes wrong with your printer and you haven’t been using genuine ribbons, the manufacturer’s warranty may no longer be valid.

Things to consider when you choose your ribbon…

  1. Which printer are you using?
  2. Are you printing single or double sided? The printer ribbon that you require depends on your requirements. Please get in touch with our knowledgeable sales team for more information on compatible printer ribbons and ID card printers
  3. Do you need to print in full colour or a single colour? Gain maximum coverage and avoid waste. At Essentra Security we are environmentally aware and make every effort to maximise our resources whilst actively encouraging our customers, employees and suppliers to do the same. Therefore, we ask you to think of the environment too when choosing your printer ribbon, it all makes a difference.
  4. How many ID cards do you need to print? Choose the right number of prints per ribbon. We recommend the following printer ribbons below for your printing requirements:
If you wish to know more information about our printer ribbons please get in touch with our dedicated sales team on 0208 266 3300 or alternatively email us on [email protected]. We look forward to hearing from you.