Price Tag Selection Guide – Paper or Plastic?

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Improved transparency with pricing, ingredients and product origins will help your business ensure compliance and meet consumer expectations. This can be achieved with concise, standardised and professional labelling. But is plastic or paper the most appropriate solution for you?

Paper Display Tags

The paper tag solution remains the cheapest option available and is still widely used. However, labels created on paper are time consuming, easily damaged and often produce less professional looking results. Paper can be difficult to keep clean and may therefore compromise product hygiene.

Plastic Display Tags

Plastic labels are an alternative to paper which have had great success in the European market. Made from PVC and fully customisable, these display tags are printed using a small office printer. This uncomplicated and professional solution, has revolutionised the food labelling industry and enables you to react quickly to promotion or pricing updates.

The Solution

While it can be challenging to find an affordable and visually appealing medium for price tags, we offer a range of solutions at various price points to enable you to deliver product information effectively. Our Edikio printer bundles from Evolis supply you with everything you need to set up quickly and maintain clean and responsive food labelling.

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