Everywhere you look at the moment, people are wearing lanyards – especially with the subject of security so high in the news agenda. The Queen’s Jubilee, the Olympics … the list goes on where thousands of participants, officials, stewards, VIPs visitors are pictured on TV daily, displaying their accreditation or ID.

Even Chris Evans has been caught up in it, proudly announcing: ‘that’s a lanyard’ during an item on BBC’s One Show!

But as more and more people – not just in the areas mentioned but in a corporate environment, or education or government, for example – are required to carry access control and ID cards, so the demand grows for that all-important piece of kit. In fact these days, you’re more likely to see a lanyard than a tie around someone’s neck!
But aside from their functional benefits, lanyards provide a great opportunity for branding. A printed lanyard can be as good an opportunity as a polo shirt or embroidered blouse to make your brand visual in public.

We supply millions and millions of lanyards every year, many of them personalised with a company’s logo and branding as well as dyed in the corporate colour of the company. Personalised lanyards can be printed and produced in a short time for conferences, sport, festival or other event, and we can help with the design and artwork.

Premium lanyards can be custom printed in up to four colours using high quality dye sublimation print. This offers durability, by embedding the print within the material of the lanyard, making it an ideal choice for daily wear without fading. A range of breakaway attachments and fixings is available, helping users take them on and off with ease and making sure you meet all health and safety requirements.

Displaying an ID card with a printed lanyard not only provides instant identification and improved security – it gets your logo seen.