How to regionalise your Datacard SD260, SD360 or SD460 printer for use with the new ribbon range –

Entrust Datacard has released new regionalised ribbons for the SD printer range. In order to make sure that your printer is compatible with this change a new firmware update is available.

Watch this short video or follow the step by step guide below to update your firmware on your Datacard SD printer.

1. Firmware update

Visit for more information and to download the firmware. Ensure all printers in the field have their firmware up to date with D2.15.3 or D3.16.3 (D3.16.3 will allow regionalisation to work, please also download D3.17.1 to realise newest security enhancements).
Determine exactly which firmware you need here

2. Load the ribbon

The firmware upgrade does not automatically regionalise the printer, you must first load a regionalised ribbon into the printer.

3. Determine the region

The printer will read the loaded supply, and be assigned to the region code associated with that supply. The first regional supply the printer sees will determine that printer’s region.

4. After the update

Once a printer has been regionalised, if using one of the four formats identified, only the regionalised supplies will work.

Part code changes:

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