How do I upgrade my firmware on my Datacard SD printer?

How to upgrade your firmware on a Datacard SD260, SD360 and SD460.

There are two different firmware releases, depending on which type of Datacard printer you are using: D2.15.3 and D3.17.1.

  • Most SD160, SD260 and SD360 systems will have a D2 board, requiring the D2 upgrade. There are a few older SD360 systems that may also have this board.
  • Most SD360, SD460, and most SD260L systems will have D3 boards, requiring the D3 firmware release.

There are several ways that you can verify exactly which firmware your system requires.
It is helpful to have the serial number of your card printer available.

1.) You can look on the LCD of your printer for your current firmware version.

2.) Website download – Visit and enter your serial number into the update form, and the correct firmware will be automatically loaded.

3.) If you still have questions, a cross reference document and instructions are available on

Once you have determined which firmware release you require – view how to regionalise your printer here