HID Cards Explained

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Understanding HID Card Formats

HID Global are one of the industries largest resellers of access control cards, with over a 100 millions cards and fobs in circulation globally.

The products consist of leading brands such including HID Seos®, iCLASS SE®, standard iCLASS®, pivCLASS®, SmartID®, HID Prox and Indala® Prox. HID’s cards and fobs feature low-frequency (125 kHz), high-frequency (13.56 MHz) and multi-technology solutions such as hybrid cards with two or chips embedded into the card or fob.

As official HID partners, we at Essentra Security supply a range of card solutions which have different functionality. As industry experts, we are here to help you easily identify which type of card you are using.

Every HID card is encrypted with a format number, site code and number range which maintains your access control system. This information enables us to encode your HID cards accurately and efficiently. The majority of HID cards are either 125 Khz Prox or 13.56 Mhz iClass. Although there are variances of different types of these product categories.

How can I tell which HID card is the one that I use?

There are some very simply ways of establishing which type of HID card you are using onsite. The two most popular are HID Sales Order Number or HID Card Packaging/Box. The sales order number is HID’s unique reference to your site information. Its usually in the form of a string of numbers which are either printed on the HID card itself, or on the box they are supplied i.e. The number is generally a string of 8 or more numbers, followed by a hyphen and then another number. I.e. 12345678-9. If you have this number, great! The HID box has a printed label which stipulates the cards part number, format number, site code and number range used on your last order of cards provided.

The information printed on the box is critical in providing not only the correct product type but also the correct encoding for your specific site.

We offer a range of HID cards for access control, transit payments or cashless vending. If you would like more information on how HID technology can improve your business, contact us via email or on 0345 474 8224.