The increased security benefits of personalised visual ID cards and access systems are leading more small and medium sized companies to take advantage of the technology available to protect their staff and premises says IDPro, the ID card specialist.

As a growing presence in the market, IDPro is responding to the needs of an increasing number of businesses which want to implement advanced card systems to operate access control, enabling them to manage employees and visitors more easily and control entry to restricted areas.

IDPro can offer a full ID card production service for companies, or supply printers, software and accessory packages to enable employers to produce their own materials in-house. The range of hi-tech electronic and simpler paper-based products includes cards for staff, visitors and contractors.

An effective access control system is an efficient solution that also demonstrates a caring attitude towards employees.

Access control systems used to be the preserve of larger organisations but the safety of employees and their property is an issue that concerns every size of company. Many are coming to realise that manual systems, or relying on the fact that everyone in a smaller business knows each other, is no longer enough.