Essentra Values

Essentra has a set of values that resonates throughout the business. All our employees have a part to play in the Group’s future success and our core values remain as true today as they always have done.

  • Enthusiasm

    We are passionate about what we do, celebrating our successes and learning from our experiences.Essentra Values - Enthusiasm

  • Energy

    We are unstinting in our drive for continuous improvement and in our commitment to maximise value for our shareholders.Essentra Values - Energy

  • Enterprise

    We aspire to think differently and to challenge the status quo.Essentra Values - Enterprise

  • Ethical

    We are open and honest, acting with integrity in our dealings with stakeholders and with respect for the environment.Essentra Values - Ethical

  • Esteem

    We treat others as we would wish to be treated ourselves – with dignity, respect and fairness.Essentra Values - Esteem

  • Excellence

    We strive to exceed expectations, every day and in everything that we do.Essentra Values - Excellence