Desktop ID Card Printer with Pigment Ink for Company Rebrand

SOCOTEC UK Ltd Select Essentra Security & Entrust Datacard’s Desktop ID Card Printer Solution in Preparation for Company Rebrand

Datacard CR805 Pigment Ink Card Printer & Card Exchange Professional Software perfectly matched on quality of print and performance.

ID Solutions featured:

  • CR805 Pigment Ink Retransfer ID Card Printer
  • Card Exchange Professional ID Card Software


With facilities in over 20 locations around the UK and over 1,000 employees, SOCOTEC UK Ltd delivers services to improve the performance of businesses and local authorities through risk management.

Industry Served: Technical Testing & Analysis- Testing, Inspection & Compliance Services

The Brief

SOCOTEC UK Ltd required a new and more advanced card printing solution to coincide with a company rebrand that included immediate production of over 2,000 new staff ID cards. The customer requested an upgrade to their existing ID system to deliver improved performance from the quality of print through to the ability to produce cards in large batches. They needed to meet the timescales required for the rebrand so speed was also an important requirement for the upgrade.

The ID Printing Solution

The Datacard CR805 Card Printer & CardExchange Professional Software were selected as the perfect solution to meet the customers rebrand requirements.

ID Card Printer

The CR805 retransfer printer uses pigment ink technology for long lasting, 600 dpi photo-quality images that are not susceptible to fading through exposure to UV light (like other card printing methods). It reliably prints up to 100 single-sided cards per hour, 36 seconds per card. This tried and tested technology, already used for many years by Entrust Datacard in their financial service central issuance printers, offers enhanced durability to preserve the life of the ID card resulting in fewer replacements.

Enhanced Security Benefits

Other key benefits to the customer were the enhanced security features such as TPM (Trusted Platform Module) for network identification, secure communications data protection and Secure Boot which protects the network from malware.

ID Card Printing Software

CardExchangeis a trusted global brand for ID card production and visitor management applications. The “Professional” level of software recommended enabled SOCOTEC UK Ltd to quickly and easily design their cards with the necessary cardholder credentials whilst providing all the required connectivity to their access control and multiple database links.

The Results

The customer was able to complete their project on time, delivering more sophisticated ID cards to the businesses satisfaction. The new company brand roll-out was a success.

Ben Holmes, Facilities Manager for SOCOTEC UK Ltd, concluded, “The service from Essentra Security was great from start to finish. We met to discuss our requirements and this product and package was recommended to suit our needs, and was deemed as the most cost-effective solution without compromising on quality.”

Product Review

“The printer handled the task well, coupled with the card exchange software and the technical support package from Essentra Security, the task was made much easier and help was always on hand.”

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